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Kitchens of the Future: 7 High-Tech Appliances Great for Budding Chefs

Whether you’re hoping to make a career change or you’re wanting to expand your repertoire as a budding chef for yourself and maybe your family, there are always ways to make learning a new craft a whole lot easier. Cooking is one of those life skills it is always worth taking the time to improve. Taking […]

Understanding Tech: What makes a Monitor Worth It?

Debunking Conspiracy: Why 5G Is A Force for Good

Internet Basics: What is the Cloud and How Can It Help

Upgrading your PC: Which Components Should you Change
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Upgrading your PC: Which Components Should you Change

If you’re into gaming then you know how important it is to have a good setup, especially if you’re a PC gamer. New games are constantly upgrading their graphics, as well as becoming bigger files, and this means some older computers are unable to run them. And even if you’re not into gaming, old PC’s […]

Creative Ways to Promote Your Online Business

Creative Ways to Promote Your Online Business

From Drawing Board to Distribution: How Modern Tech Production Works

From Drawing Board to Distribution: How Modern Tech Production Works

The 6 Hottest Gadgets Every Kid Wants

Upgrading your PC: Which Components Should you Change
Gifts Technology

Upgrading your PC: Which Components Should you Change

If you’re into gaming then you know how important it is to have a good setup, especially if you’re a PC gamer. New games are constantly upgrading their graphics, as well as becoming bigger files, and this means some older computers are unable to run them. And even if you’re not into gaming, old PC’s […]

5 Useful Apps to Help Organize your Affairs

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Top 7 Best Gadgets That Are Worthy Investments!! 

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Upgrading your PC: Which Components Should you Change

If you’re into gaming then you know how important it is to have a good setup, especially if you’re a PC gamer. New games are constantly upgrading their graphics, as well as becoming bigger files, and this means some older computers are unable to run them. And even if you’re not into gaming, old PC’s can become a hassle when things start running slow, or a part is nearing it’s end. But if you’re on a budget it can be difficult to do a complete overhaul and upgrade everything, so which parts are the best to focus on?

What do you use it for?

What you use your PC for primarily is going to change what it is that you need to upgrade. If you use it for working only, then the upgrade will likely be a lot cheaper and easier to do than for PC gaming. You may still need to know the difference between ddr3 vs ddr4 and why you may need one, but you likely won’t need to know the difference between types of graphics cards or monitors. If you use your PC for gaming, then it’s going to get slightly more complicated. The components you’ll need to change will depend on what type of games you play, how new those games are, and how often you play them. Fortunately there are many things online that can help and compare components for these purposes.

Which parts are the oldest?

If you bought a new SSD last year, you probably won’t need to change that yet. New components tend to work better with other new components, as they are all up to date and fast enough to be able to keep up with each other. If your computer is running extremely slow and you’ve got a lot downloaded onto it, you likely need to change the harddrive to free up some memory. You could try deleting some things, but an old harddrive is unlikely to speed up much more after going through extensive use.

Is there anything that needs replacing?

This may seem like an obvious one, but if you’re new to computers or upgrading them, then it can be difficult to tell what needs replacing. When some components are old or under a lot of stress they may make strange sounds, so if you’re computer has gone from being silent to the fans whirring all the time, or strange high pitched beeps, then it could be that one of the components is on the brink of breaking. It can be hard to know which component is making that noise, so it would be best to look up the cause online and identify the parts that way, or to take it to a shop to have them take a look and identify it. They could also be helpful in showing you which new parts you might need.

Upgrading PC’s can be a difficult process, especially if you’re new to it. But it’s best to just do all your research on components and what role they play in your computer before you get into changing it all, and learning the differences between them. The last thing you need is to install something wrong and break your setup. And if all else fails, you can always get someone else to do it for you, or buy a new tower from a shop. Just be sure to back up all your files first.

Creative Ways to Promote Your Online Business

These days it is very common for a business to skip the instore process and go straight online. The world as we know it is changing and people prefer an evening of online shopping over a couple of hours of browsing through the shops to find what they need. A lot of businesses that were unable to move with the times and operate online have unfortunately been forced to close, so if you are someone that is thinking about setting up a business, we recommend that you consider moving online.

Though moving online is likely to lead to more success for your business, it does come with its own set of issues.  The web is a vast space with billions of different pages within it, unlike a shopping mall which would have no more than a few dozen stores, so I can be easy to be lost in the crowd. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to gain success for your business, you simply must make sure that you are promoting your business. Here are some creative ways to promote your online business.


The best way that you can promote your online business is by getting your brand out there and a fantastic way to promote your brand is by merchandising. It is recommended that you create merchandise that links back to what kind of business you own and strongly displays your brand.

We recommend that you employ the help of a team with strong branding knowledge that can create an eye-catching logo and branding scheme for your company. Once you have done this, you can then take your branding to a corporate printing company that will be able to make business-related merchandise that displays your brand. Even just using this merchandise in your day to day life will get your brand out there and so it is well worth the step.

Sponsor Videos

If you are someone that spends a lot of time on Youtube, you will know that it is now extremely common for videos to be sponsored by companies that have links to the business and if you are a business owner, following this path is a great way to advertise to potentially millions of people that may be interested in your service.

If a content creator really believes in your brand, then it is likely that they will continue to work with you, which means that your brand won’t just show up in one video and then be forgotten.

As well as sponsoring videos, you can also work with content creators as an affiliate. By doing this you will be able to promote your online business while also networking. When you form affiliate relationships with content creators, it is usually expected that you provide some sort of discount for their fans and give them a cut of the proceeds, but the custom that you can gain from this makes it well worth it.


If you are someone that really wants to get your business out there, something that you can do is promote through email. You can get in contact with companies that have emails on record to which you can purchase and promote your business to. Some people may be frustrated to receive these emails which is understandable and for this reason, you should offer some sort of incentive. Providing a discount code as a part of these emails will increase the likelihood of them clicking on a link to your page, which will bring much more traffic to your website.

From Drawing Board to Distribution: How Modern Tech Production Works

The technology industry is one that goes through regular change with many new developments being produced at a very rapid rate to deal with everyday issues in the modern world. However, as the production rate seems to grow in speed many have begun to wonder about the specific steps that take place from when an idea is had to the final production and release of a new tech gadget to mainstream retailers. There are in fact many steps to the process which a product must go through before it is deemed high quality enough and safe for everyday use by the public.

Theoretical Idea

The first step in the process behind most tech production would have to be the initial thought or idea that is used as inspiration. Some of the brightest minds in the industry have stated that the first thought or idea usually stems from an issue that is faced by many out there in the world with the idea being to come up with a modern tech solution that can be implemented to rectify the issue or problem.

Initial Design

After the idea has been presented to a team of tech producers it is time to start to set in motion the actual design process, this is one that could go through many stages itself with multiple designs usually being produced to ensure that no stone has been left unturned in terms of a new device’s functionality. The initial designs of a product may change as testing is started and the results from said testing could influence a new feature or design to be produced which would result in a  product redesign. It is important to cover as many details within the product’s design process as this will lay down the foundations to work towards the finished product.

Pitching the Idea

When the idea and design is at a stage where the final product is clear in your mind and there is some clarity around what the device will do and look like it is time to pitch the idea to your company to get another perspective and opinion. You should try and give all of the information and results of any findings to back up your idea as most company boards are looking for something that will bring in profit and set the business apart from any competing tech developers.

Prototype Development

When you reach the stage when as much research has been done as possible and the designs have been pushed in terms of all the final possible outcomes you should start thinking about developing a prototype device. Having access to a physical representation of your final device will seriously help the development and design process, as you will very clearly be able to see any flaws in the product or any areas that need rectifying before the design can be taken to the mass production level. Having a prototype to show people is also a great opportunity to get some genuine customer feedback as they will be better at commenting on something they can actually see.

Testing Phase

Having a prototype to help visualise the product is great but it means nothing if it doesn’t actually work the way that you want it to, this is why the prototype should be put through rigorous testing as you need to make sure the product does what is required whilst being safe and easy to use for the customer. When it comes to something as sensitive as the technology you need to make sure that all elements of the design are tested thoroughly before it is released to the production level.

Mass Production

After plenty of testing has taken place and all of the legal and safety requirements and tests have been met you will be able to start the process of production to build your stocks ready for shipping to your tech retailers. You should continue the testing process throughout production in order to catch any flaws in the process that could take place, although with all of the prior planning and preparation that would have taken place at this point these should be limited and extremely minor.


The final step in the process is distributing the final product and packaging to retailers, this is when all of your hard work comes to fruition and you will finally see people buying your product in the real world. After the production process, you should have a large volume of stock to sell and manage within your warehouse. If you are not the most experienced with moving large amounts of product I would definitely recommend investing in the right equipment and finding second hand forklifts in your area, which will help save you some money and ensure you can move large amounts of stock with little effort.

The 6 Hottest Gadgets Every Kid Wants

We all love gadgets and gizmos, and children are part of it too! It can be difficult to wade through the storm of gadgets available in stores today. Sites like keuzehelper make it easier to pick out the gold from the trash, and we suggest you ga hierheen om verjaardagscadeaus voor een 10-jarige jongen te vinden. There are certain gadgets that every kid wants, and I will be giving you the rundown of the 6 hottest gadgets that every kid wishes they have.


Fidget spinner 

A fidget spinner is a cool gadget that has been found to actually help people who have trouble focusing or to relieve nervous energy or psychological stress. However, we know that kids just simply love to play with them regardless of if what was found to be the case is true. It is an inexpensive gadget that every kid wants to show off to their friends and try to spin for a long as they can!



A Segway is essentially a hoverboard that you need to balance on to travel along, and it is definitely a hit with the kids. Children across the globe have been begging their parents for a segway or a hoverboard ever since they blew up on social media. There are many child-safe variants that offer hours of fun without any risk to your child. Making this a fantastic gadget to consider.


Smartwatches have been so in fashion lately and are a perfect gift to get children to learn to tell the time but also make them feel like Ben 10! It usually comes with a touch screen and camera so they can record their adventures. It can also be used as a pedometer to track how many steps they are taking in a day.





A tablet is definitely top of the list of what gadgets kids want. With the ability to watch on Youtube, play games, and even talk to their friends, it is a craving for all kids to want a tablet! The limits of a tablet are endless, and even though it is more on the pricey side, it is a present that will last for a long time as long as it is kept safe! You even have the ability to control the limit they are allowed on it, so don’t worry if you think they would be on it for too long!



If your kids are really into reading, then this one is for you. If they aren’t, then maybe this is a good time to buy one of these to get them more involved? Most kids love reading their favorite book, whether it’s Captain Underpants or Diary of a Wimpy Kid, why not let them have access to thousands of their favorite books, all in one device?! Any kid will love the idea of that and will definitely be interested in an E-reader.  



A mini drone for a mini person- every kid loves the idea of flying planes and robots. So why not invest in a little drone? They are so popular recently and every kid I see goes on about how cool they are. Buy your kid a drone and they will be eternally grateful and with your help, they can learn to fly it effortlessly.  

Kitchens of the Future: 7 High-Tech Appliances Great for Budding Chefs

Whether you’re hoping to make a career change or you’re wanting to expand your repertoire as a budding chef for yourself and maybe your family, there are always ways to make learning a new craft a whole lot easier. Cooking is one of those life skills it is always worth taking the time to improve. Taking some extra time to cook your meals can help make each meal extra special and help you enjoy some even more delicious food. Not only that, but the food is one of the easiest ways to provide sustenance for your body – so it’s only natural that we should spend even more time perfecting all of our favorite and soon-to-be favorite dishes.  



One of the most popular appliances for everyone from students to people that are always in a hurry, microwaves are always there when we need them most. Capable of cooking something simple and savory like some ramen or something deliciously sweet like cooking a brownie quickly in your favorite mug, there’s microwavable food for everyone and every occasion. It only makes sense that one of the first things on your list of appliances is a microwave. Nowadays microwaves come with all kinds of funky features to make easy cooking even easier. If you’re unsure of the type of microwave that would best suit your needs, why not check out sites like for some awesome recommendations.  


The next thing you need to consider is where you’re going to put all your amazing and unique new ingredients. To store them safely, it is probably wise to invest in a decently sized fridge. Whether you need to keep your food cold or completely frozen, fridges are a great way to store leftovers and fresh ingredients. As with most appliances designed for storage, bigger is most definitely better. Fridges also come with a whole bunch of awesome extras. Whether it is a water cooler that will help you stay hydrated with cold and refreshing water whenever you need it. Beyond that you can also get a fridge with an ice maker, providing both cubes and crushed ice depending on your preferences. That means you’re always able to make yourself a deliciously cold daiquiri whenever you feel like it.  


Generally speaking, one of the most well-known appliances in the kitchen is the oven. The perfect way to cook food to crispy and delicious perfection. There is no end to the possibilities of oven-cooked food. You can use your oven to make a delicious snack or a hearty dinner, whatever you fancy. Considering how much use your oven gets on a daily basis, it is no surprise that ovens should be high on your list of appliances to splurge on. However, don’t stress, if you haven’t a massive budget, you may find more benefit in looking at a wide range of ovens to find the perfect oven that fits nicely into your price range. There are plenty of cool features to ovens, such as the grill which can help you make great tasting food.  


Another important aspect of the kitchen that may be worth taking more time to consider is the hob. Whilst some ovens come with a hob, you can also purchase hobs that can be installed into your worktops to conserve space. Traditional hobs can sometimes get dirty very quickly and after a few years, they can be very difficult to clean. That’s why more and more people are making the switch to glass hobs. Smooth and far easier to clean, glass hobs can also be more efficient when it comes to heating up your food, in turn conserving more energy and therefore allowing you to save money on your electricity bills.  


Sometimes overlooked in the kitchen, kettles can help save a lot of time and energy when it comes to boiling hot water. In the time it takes you to take out an adequately sized pot, fill it up with cold water, place it on the hob and wait for it to heat up, you could already have perfectly boiled water. The boiling water is then immediately ready to go straight into your ramen or cups of coffee in a fraction of the time. You’ll also be able to save time washing up as you won’t need to clean the pot once you’re done. 

Rice Cooker

A great addition to any kitchen, rice cookers allow you to have perfectly cooked rice at the click of a button. Rice is an excellent addition to almost every meal and can help you stay fuller for longer. A supplementary addition to each meal, whether you prefer delicious white rice or some healthy brown rice, there is a rice dish out there for everyone. Whether you want some quick fried rice or you’re looking for something to bulk out your meal, rice is always the answer. Not only does it help you cook your rice far quicker, with very little effort you can have wonderfully fluffy and perfectly tasty rice every time.  


Boiling Hot Tap

Similar to a kettle, you can now get a tap installed into your sink that instantly provides boiling hot water at the touch of the button. You will never again have to stand idly by while you wait for your massive pot of water to boil. You can save yourself plenty of time and can have cups of coffee literally as soon as you want them. Sounds like a win-win. 

How to Get Started in Video Game Modding

Modding has been an important and integral part of the video game ecosystem for years now. From Games like DOOM or The Elder Scrolls that are known for their long-lasting mod support adding hours to the gaming experience to games like Counter-Strike that started off as a mod for Half-Life. Games like GTA 5 still have huge modding communities to this day. For example, this site has good GTA 5 Modded AccountsBut modding isn’t always easy and it can seem like quite a daunting task. Changing the base components of a game whilst making it playable isn’t something you can just pick up and do flawlessly. So here are some tips to help make the learning process as smooth as possible.  


The Game

First of all, and arguably most important is picking a game. There are hundreds and thousands out there and they all work slightly differently so to make sure the modding process is as easy as possible, pick a game you know well and are passionate about. Knowing how the game works from a gameplay perspective will make understanding the inner workings of the game a much easier process. It’s also important that when you start off, you don’t push yourself too far. You won’t be able to create a complete reimagining of the original game with your first mod. Start with small things and work your way up as you get more comfortable.  


Use the Community

The second is to make use of the online community. If you find a game you want to mod, there Is a good chance that you are not the first person to mod it. It can be useful to try out some other mods for the game first to get a gauge of what sort of things you are able to do within the modding kit. Then check online, so many games have huge dedicated modding communities that thrive on new madders showing up. It’s all just communities of people who enjoy the same thing and (usually) are super open to helping so never be afraid to find message boards or online communities and start dropping some questions on what you need help with or what other peoples experiences with modding that particular game have been like. 


Learn to Code

The next thing is very important and a barrier for a lot of people and that’s coding. It’s all well and good having a game to mod and knowing other people who do it but you are going to need to learn some basics to understanding code. Honestly understanding the code will be half the battle. For a small first mode, you won’t be writing pages and pages of your own code to insert into a game. For the most part, you will be making little changes and switches to existing the existing code that will slightly tweak smaller elements of the game. But as you learn and get better you will want to build more elaborate mods and will therefore need a more elaborate understanding of the coding process. This is another thing that a big modding community can help with. There will be loads of people at all different skill levels trying to mod so don’t be afraid to ask for help with the basics. Once you’ve gotten over that big initial barrier the rest of the learning process will come to you naturally through practice and dedication.  

Modding is for everyone, if you have the passion and the dedication to perfecting your skills you’ll be able to take the modding world by storm.  

5 Useful Apps to Help Organize your Affairs

Sometimes it can be very difficult to keep track of everything to be done when you have a busy schedule. Staying organized is an overwhelming task and many of us just don’t have the time to write up weekly plans and an hour-by-hour timetable. Due to this, a lot of apps and websites have been created to help you schedule and manage your everyday affairs, however, there are quite a lot of options available and it can be hard to choose one that it perfect for you. This list compiles five of the best and useful apps that you can use to help organize your affairs. 


 Evernote is an app that gives you a handy place to write down your notes and ideas and organize them, whilst also keeping them all in one place where they won’t easily get lost or thrown out. The app allows you to take notes across different platforms and devices, meaning that you can read them at home, at work, or even on the move. As well as this, you can upload pictures, videos, and audio to supplement your notes, which may help to reduce stress that you might be dealing with.  




This is an app and website that you might have heard of before but never used. It is very useful for storing documents online. Anything that you store on Dropbox, whether its files, documents, images, or videos can be accessed across any other device and everything is encrypted, which means that you can be ensured of your privacy. You can also share documents with other people via Dropbox, making it perfect if you have work to do that involves a group of people working on the same thing. It’s a convenient and easy way to store data in a safe and accessible place.  


Business Calendar Pro 

 When you have a busy month ahead of you it can be hard to keep track of what needs to be done and when. It’s never too late to get ahead of schedule, and to do so you can use available templates for the july 2021 calendar or you can use an app like Business Calendar Pro. This is an app that allows you to customize your calendar, integrating all of the tasks that you need to get done into one easy and convenient app. There are tools available in the app that allow you to organize, move, copy and delete events easily. 




This app is perfect if you have a very busy schedule but struggle to manage and use your time sensibly. If you are someone that gets easily distracted by apps and games on your phone then this will help you to dedicate your time to work that needs to be done, whilst not completely restricting yourself from doing things that you want. The app sends you weekly reports on what you spent the most time doing so you know what you need to cut down on. It also has features that will help you waste less time by placing restrictions and blocks on what it is that distracts you the most. So, if you struggle the most with time management during a busy schedule then this app is perfect for you.  




Mindnode is a mind mapping app that will help you to organize your affairs by first helping you to organize your thoughts. If you find that you struggle to get things done because you have too much to do and think about then this app is the perfect place to get all of your thoughts down in one, organized place to then get done what you need to do.  

Upgrading your Home: How to Bring your House into the Future

If you have lived in the same house for quite a while, then you are probably starting to get bored of your surroundings. Right now one of the hottest categories of shows enjoyed all over the world is home makeovers or selling shows.  As we have all been sitting down and indulging in the drama of home DIY and sales, I’m sure some of you have noticed that your home doesn’t quite live up to the standard that is being set in the world of home decor.  

As the world has started to progress, so have our homes. Though it was predicted in the late 90’s TV, we couldn’t have expected technology to be integrated into homes as it already is. However, some of us are yet to take the leap into making our homes a house of the future. The main reason that you may have not attempted to bring your home into the future is that you don’t know where to start. Worry not, we have put together some handy tips on how to bring your house into the future.  


The Kitchen  

One of the main rooms in your home that you can easily bring into the future is the kitchen. This is the place where you prepare all of your meals and spend a lot of time. For that reason, bringing your kitchen into the future should be your first priority, as modernizing your kitchen will make a lot of your cooking tasks way more efficient.  

If you are someone that has been holding onto small appliances for quite a while, then it’s time to throw them out. In the last five years alone, the standard for kitchen appliances has increased tremendously and you do not want to be left behind. You no longer have to stand and wait for your toast to inevitably burn. Now you can set up your toaster with the help of your phone in order to achieve that perfect toast. The same can be said for a lot of your standard appliances that can often be unreliable.  If you were to bring your kitchen into the future, then you would only save yourself more time and stress during the day.  

Something that you may even want to look into is upgrading your fridge. You may have heard of fridges that allow you to see what is within them without even opening the fridge doors. These days you can also get fridges that log the off dates of your food and reorder items that you often stock, which will save you a lot of time.  


Full interactive home  

One of the latest trends that homeowners are loving right now is setting up an interactive home. This essentially means that all aspects of your home can be controlled via voice or through the use of a phone app. This includes simple things like lifting your blinds on-demand or even setting up the heating just by speaking. Now not every home is compatible with the setup required to have an interactive home, so before you start to pay for the changes to be made, you should first get a home inspection from ensureinspections or similar companies. If they give you the go-ahead then you can start making renovations. 


Minimal Changes 

Now setting up a futuristic home can be pricey and not everyone has the budget to be able to do it. That doesn’t mean that you have to go without any futuristic parts of your home at all, it just means that the changes that you can make will be smaller.  

One of the least expensive ways in which you can bring your home into the future is by creating a google home setup. You can do this for less than a couple of hundred dollars and it is extremely straightforward. You can link most devices to your google home, from your TV to your lightbulbs. Once this is done, you can then control these aspects of your home simply by using voice commands or your phone. This will make your life a lot easier. I’m sure you have had an experience where you have settled into bed but then had to get up to turn your lights or devices off. Well through the introduction of this technology, you will never need to worry about this again.  


Modern decor 

If you are not so interested in the tech side of upgrading your home, then you could simply improve your home by modernizing your decor. Get rid of dated wallpaper and carpets and replace them with a more sleek and modern look. The same can be said about simple things such as furniture, replace that dated sofa with something clean and modern.  


Debunking Conspiracy: Why 5G Is A Force for Good

2020 was quite a whirlwind of a year, with so many massive events packed into it that some got overshadowed by others. One event that occurred was the rumor that Covid-19 was spread through 5G, and some youths took it upon themselves to burn down 5G towers around the country. Of course, this isn’t remotely true, though it did circulate long after all the fires were put out. So let’s look at some interesting facts about 5g to debunk these myths around it.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation in cellular broadband (it is the newest generation in mobile networks). In somewhat simpler terms, this is what we have to thank for our fast wireless connections, if you’re able to stream videos whilst on the move, it is thanks to the networks such as 5G/4G. 5G was first released in 2019, and slowly more companies started incorporating it, such as phone companies. Now, most phone providers will have 5G as part of their mobile contracts as it is the best available thing on the market, and what most consumers expect.

What does it do?

It is a superfast wireless connection that allows for more users to be on the network at once, without it being overloaded and shutting down, which is why most people see it as an expectation from phone providers now. 5G is said to be able to support 100x as many users as its predecessor, 4G, and it is also possibly more energy efficient than other generations before it, but that is still a theory as of yet, and we will be able to see the results of this as time goes on.

The downfalls of 5G

As with everything, 5G does come with its own downfalls and limitations. For one, you have to be in the range of a tower to be able to use 5G, and once you leave that range you no longer have that connection. This means you will go back to using 4G, which although it is fast, is not as good as 5G is. And the range that you have to be within these towers is quite small, meaning in order to have 5G available everywhere, the signal will either need to be boosted, or there will need to be a lot more towers erected. And, due to how powerful 5G is, phones that are using it will see a massive drain in their battery as the device tries to keep up with the data.


What conspiracies are there?

The conspiracy of 5G causing health problems started long before Covid-19 was even a thing. Way back in the nineties (thirty years ago, can you believe that?) critics claimed that the airwaves from 2G could cause cancer. This is of course, not backed by any scientific evidence, the same as the claim that 5G caused the spread of coronavirus. But skepticism of new technology has continued throughout the years, to the point where all it took is some media coverage for young adults to decide to take it upon themselves to burn down 5G towers.

Relating to this is the idea that 5G could kill birds and plants. This claim came about through pure coincidence as in two areas where they were trialing 5G there was a group of birds found dead. This was later revealed to be due to some form of collision, either with each other or a bird of prey, as they were known to be in their areas also. In some countries where trees were felled to make room for the new towers, critics claimed this was actually so that people wouldn’t be able to see the harm that 5G could do to them. Again, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up this claim.

Another conspiracy is the idea that viruses’ can communicate through radio airwaves. This is due to a scientific study published in 2011 that suggested that some bacteria can produce electromagnetic signals to communicate with one another. This paper was never accepted within the scientific community and is still debated today, but some people linked this to the spread of coronavirus and the new use of 5G. However, coronavirus, is a virus, and that in itself is different from bacteria so even if the study was true, the results of it would not apply to the pandemic.

And there you have it, that is all 5G is, a really good wireless connection that we use daily. None of the conspiracy theories surrounding 5G have been proven, they are all highly speculative and not to be taken seriously.

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