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The world is full of fake gadgets 

Millions of people are loving technical gadgets and are attracted to the latest invention in the modern era. Smartphones and other gadgets have now become a lifeline for the individual in their routine life. Many new gadgets come out every month, and people are dying to buy those gadgets. By observing the popularity of gadgets, several companies start to invent fake gadgets that look the same as the original ones look.  

There are plenty of people who become the victim of fraud cases by buying the duplicate object. The person who is not aware of recognizing the gadget cannot find that if the gadget is original or fake. There are almost six tips by which you can easily find that the gadget is original or fake. These tips can come in use plenty of times whenever you are going to buy the gadget. Those essential six tips for recognizing fake gadgets are as follows:   

  • Packaging 

The first and foremost sign of recognizing the fake gadget is to observe the packaging of the product. The original product have excellent and smooth packaging, the material used in the packaging of the original product is made of good quality without any blemish, and the packing of original one looks that it is expensive as compared to the packaging of fake products because in the packaging of fake products, the material which is used is of very low quality like paper and other cheap material which does not have a gorgeous look.  

The real one’s packaging will not be tampered and damaged from anywhere, whereas the fake product packaging will be quite poor and tampered from several places. So, make sure that the packaging is of high quality and smooth while buying the gadget, and in case the packaging is poor, then the product is the fake one. 

  • The cost of the gadget is cheap 

The second hint that you will get while buying the product is that the fake gadget will be cheap compared to the real one. It is the foremost technique of the manufacturer of the fake products to make the cost of their product inexpensive than the original ones so that the people get attracted to their gadgets and get stuck in their traps. Many individuals have become victims of this fraud incident as they get attracted to cheap gadgets instead of expensive ones.  

So, it is the foremost technique of analyzing the fake product by knowing its cost, as the fake product will always be available at less cost. So, you should always buy the original product, whether it is expensive or not, because the fake gadget will cause hurdles in your path while operating the gadget. 

  • The manual for the user on the gadget will be in an unrecognizable language 

The fake gadget will always use that language in the manual for the user, which will not be recognizable because the manufacture of fake gadgets will never use the home country’s language in the user manual. In contrast, the original gadget will have a number of languages for its users, as whatever the language they prefer to read. It is a very easy technique to recognize the fake product as if the language is not in English or French; then the product will be the fake one. 

  • Recognizing can be done by unboxing the gadget 

A person can easily recognize that the gadget is fake or original by unboxing it. Usually, the fake gadget and the original gadgets come in the same size boxes, as everyone can wonder how the boxes look the same. Still, you can find a foreign language written on the original gadget’s box, and the fake gadget does not contain any type of foreign language.  

Apart from that, for instance, if you are buying an iphone, then make sure that the Boxing of your original iphone will not come in the cover of plastic cases. If your iphone is packed in the plastic ox or cover, then it will a fake product. Because Apple never uses the plastic cover or box for packaging of their product. So, it is your major duty to check the Boxing of your gadget while buying it. 

  • The screen of the gadget is vital to recognize the fake product 

A person can easily get to know about the fake product when he/she will focus on the screen of the gadget. The screen is the foremost part of the gadget like a phone, laptop, or another device. The screen of the fake gadgets looks quite different than the original one. But, if someone Buys the gadget and after that, he gets to know about the reality of screen, and at that h cannot his money back.  

To stay away from this stumbling, an individual should check about the screen size and display on Google, or he/she can visit the official website of the particular product. By discovering the facts about the gadget’s screen, the individual can never get confused in the fake and original product’s screen. He/she will identify the original product easily. 

  • Checking the fonts and the logo can be helpful 

A particular company’s logo is the best sign to define the value of the product. An individual can easily know that the gadget is original or fake by going through the gadget’s logo because the fake gadget manufacturer cannot copy the font of the original gadget. There will always be a quiet difference between the original and fake gadgets, as the fonts of the fake product logo seem to be disappeared or subtle.  

For instance, the fake phone will come with the logo of Samsun instead of Samsung because the fake manufacturers do not have the copyrights to print the same logo on their fake gadget. So, you should make sure that the font, size, and color is not different from the real one to stay away from being fooled. 

The final saying 

To sum up, it is crystal clear that gadgets have a great impact on our life but only the original ones. It is essential for us to recognize the fake product so that we will not become the victim of the fake gadgets because the fake one only has disadvantages which will destroy our money as well as time. 




Barbara Jones is a technology savy journalist. She loves to cover gaming, gadgets, AI and financial technology. Prior to becoming a journalist, Barbara was an IT professional.