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Must See Gadgets That Every Tech Lover Must Consider Buying

The past year has been a very, very good year for those who are in love with technology. Tech lovers are in constant search of devices that they can use for entertainment. Based on the review that many of you tubers and companies have done, there is a whole list of tech devices that are launched. These are the new technology inventions that have unveiled the new stretches of technology. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live  

The very first best gadget in the world is the galaxy live buds. We all are known to the earphones and wired Bluetooth headsets, but these are the new invention in technology. Samsung has tried to innovate the earphones a little bit and made these small bud sized earpieces. These are small Bluetooth device that comes with a case in which the buds charges as it is a source of power for the buds. There are plenty of benefits that a person enjoys if they opt for these buds are:- 

  • The first benefit is that the person gets free from the dangling wire that hangs around when a person uses the earphones. 
  • The sound quality is very high, and once you put on these buds, you will enter a new world. 
  • There are touch controls through which you can change the tracks, pick or cancel the calls, turn on the assistant, and much more. 
  • The buds’ case has a wireless charging option and the c port charging that makes them a perfect gadget. 

Samsung has revolutionized the whole technology sector, and seeing them making the wireless buds, many more companies have made them and launched them in the market. 

Play Station 5 

Game lovers are well known that the play station makers have recently rolled out the fifth model of their series named PS5. If we look at the making of the play station five, then it is very premium. The console that they have made is par expectations of the normal gamers as it was launched in the Xbox series X competition. The controller that has been given with play station 5 is a Dual Sense innovative controller. 

The benefit due to which the play station five has made up at number 2 in the list is:- 

  • The SSD speed is faster than any other competitor in the gaming series and is much better than its predecessor. 
  • The controller is never seen before in any kind of gaming unit before. 
  • The user experience is very much improved as they have introduced much better graphics and the gaming’s smoothness. 

Dell XPS 13 2 in 1 Laptop  

For a long time, many companies are trying to make the perfect 2 in one convertible laptop, but no one is ever successful in making the best one. There is one or other fault in the laptop, but 2020 has been miraculous. Dell has rolled out a new version of a convertible laptop and can be easily used as a 2 in 1 device. The model name is XPS 12, and as said, the laptops outstanding. 

The laptop’s touchpad is very comfortable with a 16:10 display, which provides plenty of space for the users. When we talk about the battery than on normal working, it can last upto the whole day of your office. The gaming on this laptop is very smooth with a refresh rate of 60 hertz, or we can say 60 frames per second in the case of a laptop. If someone is having an eye on the 2 in 1 device and is waiting for the one that can match their style, this is a must-buy device. 

DJI Mini 2 

Well, for those who don’t know much about DJI, then it is a company that is very famous for making drones. It is a mini version of a costly drone, which means that it is missing plenty of premium features, but this machine has made up this list is the pricing and the value provided. Yes, if we compare the drone’s price and the value that it provides, then most probably, the value will be much higher than plenty of high-end drone models. 

The feature of this drone is mentioned below in detail:- 

  • This drone’s weight is 2944 grams, which makes it very easy for the drone to take off and fly. 
  • A 12 mp camera fitted in the drone takes some of the best shots with optical image stabilization. 
  • It has a wireless connectivity option and has enabled radio transmission facilities, making it much better than the drones having the Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • Best product for those who are into the field of videographers and travel bloggers. 

Iphone 12 Mini  

People who are fans of Apple keep waiting for the company to make a new phone and take up one. Seeing the mini version in the list must have created a question in the minds of people that this phone is in the list instead of having the 12 and 12 pro versions. To answer them, the reason for this phone making up to the list is that the pricing of the mobile phone is less and have all the flagship benefits. 

Also, it is a small and handy mobile phone which is very much liked by the people. The design is made to maximize one-hand usage, and the bezels present on the mobile phone are next to zero. On the backside, there is a two-camera setup, and in front, there is a single camera. Talking about the chipset, then it is packed with the latest bionic A-14 chipset with a Hexa core processor. It makes this mini device work like fire. 

The final wordings  

These are some of the best devices that have topped the list of best tech devices of the year according to the Verge’s rating. If you are a tech lover and keep waiting for the new devices always, then these are the devices that you should add to your list and must buy. 

Barbara Jones is a technology savy journalist. She loves to cover gaming, gadgets, AI and financial technology. Prior to becoming a journalist, Barbara was an IT professional.