Moto x 3rd gen specs revealed by

Suspected hardware specifications have been revealed for the forthcoming Motorola Moto X (3rd gen) smartphone . The specifications indicate that the Moto X, including a higher battery rating and a QHD screen, will be crafted from the same shape as the Moto Turbo rather than the existing Moto X gen. A Motorola insider is said to have disclosed these specs.

Last September, the new Moto X gene (2nd gen) was launched and we think Motorola is going to be making preparations again for a September launch. Later this year, other big smartphone manufacturers, such as OnePlus, Xiaomi and Apple, will also come up with new flagship phones. Furthermore, a Sony flagship computer is still unaccounted for.

As per the source, the third generation of Moto X will feature a 5.2-inch AMOLED display that makes the QHD resolution since that is the mainstream resolution being serviced by flagship mobile channels these days). Since there are not many smartphones with 4 GB of RAM (with deviations such as Asus Zenfone 2 and Lenovo K80), Motorola figured, why not stay apart and launch a gadget with a high amount of RAM?

The forthcoming smartphone is expected to be fitted with a beefy 3,280 mAh non-removable battery, but there are no specifics on whether the battery technology would be a lithium-polymer one, or lithium ion. There will be a 16 MP Clear Pixel rear camera sensor, together with a 5 MP snapper on the front side of the mobile.

Understanding that Motorola devices typically run out of the box with modified Android operating systems, this one will most probably run Lollipop 5.1.1. Provided the rumored specs are pretty much on the money, a good competitive battle against LG’s G4 will be offered by Moto X third generation.

Sadly, that is all the data available about the upcoming device. As for its launch date, during the month of September, which was the same month as the declaration of the Moto X 2nd generation, Motorola will be looking to unleash the device.

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