Qualcomm snapdragon 620 to be much

For the Qualcomm Snapdragon 620 and 618 processors, market response has been good. These quality mobile processors have been bundled with substantial new technologies, and the feedback from smartphone makers has been optimistic. Also, within the existing 600 tier of processors, the Snapdragon 620 and 618 have substantial user interface and additional benefits. As a result, Qualcomm Technologies makes minor changes to better represent the placement and specifications of these two processors within the product lineup by redesigning the Snapdragon 620 and 618 respectively to the Snapdragon 652 and 650.

Strictly speaking, the changing the name is to acknowledge the huge benefits that these two processors add to the Snapdragon 600 tier of modem, processing, graphics, and camera. Over the past 12 months, we have been designing the Snapdragon 652 and Snapdragon 650 processors, and in this tier, the superior capabilities and quality place them far above other processors. For this class, 4K Ultra HD video capture, playback and gaming interactions are special, while for this tier, the high resolution camera and 4G LTE encounters push the boundaries.

We emphasize consumer experience over other steps, weight is also borne by test scores and they also affirm the importance of realigning these two processors to better represent a higher place in the Snapdragon 600 tier.

The Snapdragon 600 tier strives to include outstanding mobile experiences with this new name and positioning and delivers outstanding quality with leading advanced features, with the Snapdragon 652 and 650 topping the list.

We don’t accept adjustments quickly at Qualcomm Technologies, but we also understand that ensuring that our processors are well recognized by our customers and represent both the efficiency and functionality implicit in their design is crucial.

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