Sony imports couple of prototypes in

Sony may only have lately unveiled its new Xperia Z3+ flagship smartphone, but the Japanese company may have some more greater Xperias up its sleeves afterward this year.

The rates quoted on the import platform are typically a quite little less than the actual selling value, indicating that high-end flagship devices may be these four models. Since Sony is speculated to be working later this year on the Xperia Z5, if these models turn out to be the Xperia Z5 and its models, we wouldn’t be shocked.

As the Indian import monitoring portal Zauba has announced, Sony has shipped four new Xperia prototypes to India. The products imported to India are classified as SEAHAWK REX PQ, EAGLE REX AP, SEAHAWK GINA AP, and EAGLE RILADS AP. The price was quoted as Rs.39,239 ($617) for all these prototypes.

Sony enthusiasts in India, respectively, will soon be interested to trade the Xperia Z3+ as Sony India will soon open the smartphone in the region.

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