Xperia p2 to debut soon as new flagship

Back in February, the Sony Xperia 1 was first revealed and is reportedly on schedule for release next month. Sony, nevertheless, is still working hard on the flagship’s replacement, and we now know thanks to Steve Hemmerstoffer what the Xperia 2 is going to look like.

We hoped that it will make its premiere at MWC 2020, which was set to happen from February 24 to February 27. We still anticipate the Xperia 2 to be launched even before end of the month, despite the fact that this event has since been postponed, perhaps alongside a clutch of other new phones from the company. The Sony Xperia 1’s base price was £ 849 ($ 949), a price that placed it right up at the top of the smartphone market, with the iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 shoulder to shoulder. Sadly, we anticipate the Xperia 2 to come with a comparable price tag attached, so if you want to bag one for yourself, you’d better start saving up now.

Looking closely at the aluminum frame of the Xperia 2, the top portion houses a microphone, while a broad speaker grill alongside a USB-C port and a second microphone are included in the bottom section. As for the sides, an elongated volume rocker, a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, a power key, and a dedicated shutter button are located on the right of the smartphone.

For example, we expect the Sony Xperia 2 to share some similarity to this model, clinging to the odd aspect ratio and shrinking the bezels around the display. The form factor of the screen is likely to remain controversial, as it is somewhat difficult to manage for daily activities, even though immersion benefits when viewing widescreen images.

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