Future Wars: The 5 Most Advanced bits of Military Tech

The need for the best military technology has never been more important than what it is now, as conflicts around the world escalate to an unmanageable scale our military and the people who serve it need the best technology available in order to be able to deal with a threat as swiftly as possible. As new technology develops our military now has access to the best weaponry and medical technology that can be found worldwide. It is our duty to make sure that the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our borders have what they need to be able to keep themselves safe whilst they are fighting the good fight.

Thanks to the amazing design and innovative production work we are seeing a much quicker turnaround in terms of how long it takes to get the device from the design stage to the release of the item to our military. This means that new designs are constantly being provided to help the brave soldiers who are out there.


ADAPTIV Camouflage

Camouflage is very important within the military, for a stealth operation it is vital that the enemy cannot see you coming. This where the new ADAPTIV camo technology comes into play, thanks to the recent development of this amazing piece of technology we now have the ability to conceal large vehicles from any form of scanning and detection. Most scanning depends upon thermal imagery and this new system is designed to allow large components to blend in with the temperature of the surrounding area. Honeycomb panels can be added to pretty much anything and will prevent any thermal detection from occurring making it a truly remarkable piece of military tech.


T Ghost

The T Ghost is a revolutionary new tank design that has just started production, it is designed to be lightweight but powerful in terms of firepower and the fact that it is actually a stealth vehicle. This new tank design implements ADAPTIV camouflage that is perfect for avoiding detection by infrared scanners. Even though this tank is designed to be a stealth vehicle it doesn’t fall short in the firepower department, with new and more brutal cannons and guns added to the design this tank is one of the best to ever grace our military as it is so versatile and ready for anything that the enemy could throw at them.


Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition

Gone are the days where our military is reliant on using the standard bullet, although some of the dated methods of doing things are said to be the best this is not the case when it comes to providing protection for our military and our country. This new munition development that is more commonly known as MAHEM uses a magnetic flux generator to replace the normal firing chemicals that are used in standard ammunition. This new ammo is not only more powerful but also provides a more precise shot for the best accuracy, this ammo also uses molten metal so that it can penetrate thick armor that normal bullets would not be very effective on.


Medical Technology

Although the technology within our military’s weapons is very important, we must not forget that the medical technology must also be up to scratch, when our brave soldiers are injured we need everything we can in order to get them back out there as quickly as possible obviously as long as they are fit and healthy again. One of the biggest developments in military medical tech would have to be the introduction of the peanut butter shot as a part of the recruitment process.

This shot is basically a strong vaccine of penicillin, this will protect new recruits from a whole range of different bacterias and illnesses that could take them out of the field especially if they are traveling all over the world. Although its name suggests that this vaccine is pleasant, its name actually comes from the fact that it is a thick brown paste consistency. The peanut butter shot in military recruitment has become a right of passage that most people laugh about.


Taser Shockwave

The final piece of military technology that I would like to talk about is the recent development of the taser shockwave, this device consists of a remote-controlled robot equipped with multiple taser systems that are capable of firing over a twenty-five-foot distance. As this weapon is a nonlethal device it would be great for a crowd control situation where large groups have gotten out of control, this device can be paired up with other models to increase the range and coverage to fit the requirements and the severity of the situation and to avoid a more serious conflict in the long run.

Barbara Jones is a technology savy journalist. She loves to cover gaming, gadgets, AI and financial technology. Prior to becoming a journalist, Barbara was an IT professional.