The 8 Best Server Hosting Companies Out There

Server hosting is a platform that provides IT, users, with remote access to server resources that consist of CPU, Memory, Disk, etc; in order to power applications and store data without the fuss and hassle of buying and setting up, and maintaining server hardware physically themselves. This gives people the opportunity to improve server resources without having to spend large amounts of money to maintain and purchase physical hardware themselves. Safety on the internet is vital, regardless of server hosting use or not, so one of the most reliable vps servers on the internet must be considered when you are thinking of what VPS you will like to use.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a server hosting company is their overall performance in speed and uptime, keep this in mind when you are deciding your provider! Now, here are the 8 best server hosting companies for you guys and girls to check out yourselves:

Bluehost- for the newbies

Founded around 2007, they host more than 3 million websites and have been rated as one of the most popular, low-cost hosting options for people who have just recently opened up a new website or are still learning the ropes. In the last 12-months, their uptimes have been strong, with 99.96% and with a consistent speed of 641 ms. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to use and beginner-friendly so you will be able to get your head around it easily! They also offer a free domain and site builder and also have a 24/7 support chat if you have any questions! To add to this, it is also compatible with WordPress, it is even officially recommended by them! The price is $2.75/month, a nice and cheap starter.


Hostinger offers affordable and friendly plans without having a backlash on the quality and performance provided by the service. With a 24/7 support chat and datacentres in the US, Europe, and Asia, it is a worldwide known server host which has a reputation of being one of the cheapest providers out there. In the last 12-months data suggests an average uptime of 99.74% and a relatively fast load time of 345ms (not when compared to Bluehost but hey ho, for what you pay!). A disadvantage of Hostinger is that there is no free domain on purchase and limited bandwidth on the cheap plan which means it may be slightly slower as the capacity is not as large.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has a fast load time of 279ms, a reliable uptime of 99.97%. It has a bragging unlimited bandwidth and storage, which seem like heaven for the big offices or companies that need that extra capacity! Founded in 2002 and hosting over 500,000 websites, it is the fastest shared we to date, and also comes with a ‘guru’ 24/7 chat. The professionals are always there for your support and help, they are the cream of their crop and will make sure everything is running smoothly. However, it is more on the pricey side, playing $2.96 per month which starts with 1 website, 25 email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth- which seems very good for businesses that may be more experienced and have a large pool of workers.


Founded in 1996 and supposedly the best monthly payment plan with a price of $4.95, for what you get it is definitely worth the money. With an uptime guarantee, 97-day money-back guarantee, and unlimited bandwidth and storage maybe this is the one for you? However, with the poor uptime of 99.62% and very slow loading time of 1180ms, consideration must be made accordingly.


Siteground has a moderate load time of 756ms, near enough perfect uptime of 99.99%. The customer support is second to none and is considered to have a reputable customer service with 24/7 ‘guru’ support, and can have access to over 20 email accounts.

GoDaddy Hosting

GoDaddy has a decent load time of 518ms and an average uptime of 99.55%, which is alright for people who do not do as extensive work. There are a 100GB website storage and an uptime guarantee of 99.90%. A disadvantage of this server is that there is no site transfer and an extra cost to add SSL and emails to the service.


GreekGeeks have been around for over 12 years, with an uptime of 99.95% and load speed of 451ms at a cost-efficient $2.95/month, it allows for fast and effective hosting. With 24/7 customer support and the US, Canada, and Netherlands servers, and free site transfers, it seems to be worldwide friendly. A disadvantage may be that their money-back policy seems a bit vague and unclear, make sure you read up on it further.


InMotion is regarded as one of the largest and oldest hosting companies, being around since 2001 and hosting over 300,000 domains- it is no reason they are popular. The oldies of the block have a good uptime of 99.93% and a good speed of 463ms, making it a quick and reliable hosting server. Being in the business for a long time has clearly had a positive impact on this company! They also have good customer support and a free website transfer, starting for only $2.49/month! However, there may be a delayed verification process, which means that you will have to wait a bit before using the host server!

Barbara Jones is a technology savy journalist. She loves to cover gaming, gadgets, AI and financial technology. Prior to becoming a journalist, Barbara was an IT professional.