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Upgrading your Home: How to Bring your House into the Future

If you have lived in the same house for quite a while, then you are probably starting to get bored of your surroundings. Right now one of the hottest categories of shows enjoyed all over the world is home makeovers or selling shows.  As we have all been sitting down and indulging in the drama of home DIY and sales, I’m sure some of you have noticed that your home doesn’t quite live up to the standard that is being set in the world of home decor.  

As the world has started to progress, so have our homes. Though it was predicted in the late 90’s TV, we couldn’t have expected technology to be integrated into homes as it already is. However, some of us are yet to take the leap into making our homes a house of the future. The main reason that you may have not attempted to bring your home into the future is that you don’t know where to start. Worry not, we have put together some handy tips on how to bring your house into the future.  


The Kitchen  

One of the main rooms in your home that you can easily bring into the future is the kitchen. This is the place where you prepare all of your meals and spend a lot of time. For that reason, bringing your kitchen into the future should be your first priority, as modernizing your kitchen will make a lot of your cooking tasks way more efficient.  

If you are someone that has been holding onto small appliances for quite a while, then it’s time to throw them out. In the last five years alone, the standard for kitchen appliances has increased tremendously and you do not want to be left behind. You no longer have to stand and wait for your toast to inevitably burn. Now you can set up your toaster with the help of your phone in order to achieve that perfect toast. The same can be said for a lot of your standard appliances that can often be unreliable.  If you were to bring your kitchen into the future, then you would only save yourself more time and stress during the day.  

Something that you may even want to look into is upgrading your fridge. You may have heard of fridges that allow you to see what is within them without even opening the fridge doors. These days you can also get fridges that log the off dates of your food and reorder items that you often stock, which will save you a lot of time.  


Full interactive home  

One of the latest trends that homeowners are loving right now is setting up an interactive home. This essentially means that all aspects of your home can be controlled via voice or through the use of a phone app. This includes simple things like lifting your blinds on-demand or even setting up the heating just by speaking. Now not every home is compatible with the setup required to have an interactive home, so before you start to pay for the changes to be made, you should first get a home inspection from ensureinspections or similar companies. If they give you the go-ahead then you can start making renovations. 


Minimal Changes 

Now setting up a futuristic home can be pricey and not everyone has the budget to be able to do it. That doesn’t mean that you have to go without any futuristic parts of your home at all, it just means that the changes that you can make will be smaller.  

One of the least expensive ways in which you can bring your home into the future is by creating a google home setup. You can do this for less than a couple of hundred dollars and it is extremely straightforward. You can link most devices to your google home, from your TV to your lightbulbs. Once this is done, you can then control these aspects of your home simply by using voice commands or your phone. This will make your life a lot easier. I’m sure you have had an experience where you have settled into bed but then had to get up to turn your lights or devices off. Well through the introduction of this technology, you will never need to worry about this again.  


Modern decor 

If you are not so interested in the tech side of upgrading your home, then you could simply improve your home by modernizing your decor. Get rid of dated wallpaper and carpets and replace them with a more sleek and modern look. The same can be said about simple things such as furniture, replace that dated sofa with something clean and modern.  


Barbara Jones is a technology savy journalist. She loves to cover gaming, gadgets, AI and financial technology. Prior to becoming a journalist, Barbara was an IT professional.