Which Digital Signs Should you Be Using in 2021

If you are a business owner or you are someone that works in advertising, you will be aware of how digital signs are taking the world by storm. Paper and wooden billboards are out right now due to their lack of durability and constant need for repair. Digital signs offer everything that your standard signs simply cannot and so there is no wonder why so many businesses are switching over to the use of digital.  

As digital signs are becoming popular, more and more are being released into the world. In such a congested market, it can be difficult to pick out which digital signs are worth your investment. We understand how hard it can be to choose from the market, so here are our recommendations on which digital signs you should be using in 2021. 

Signs Express 

Signs Express was one of the first businesses to take the world by storm with their signs. This company produces digital signage displays from 22″ to 75″ and has been one of the go-to businesses for digital signs for a number of years.  

This business promises two things and these things are affordability and reliability. With so many businesses offering digital signs, it can be hard to determine which ones offer quality signs. Signs express operate on the promise that your signs will be able to withstand any weather and still function well. The company is so confident with their product that they offer replacements for any digital signs that happen to fall victim to any weather damage free of charge.  


Alpen Signs 

This company describes itself as the leading retailer of digital signs in the UK. What is so unique about this company is the sizing variety that it offers for digital signs. You can buy digital signs as small as a picture frame and as large as your standard billboard, which means that this company can essentially cater to any need that you may have.  

This company also prides itself on the quality of its digital signs, offering 4K pictures which will guarantee that any ad or picture that you decide to place on the digital sign will be seen clearly and with high quality.  Alpen once again offers a money-back guarantee on any digital signs that may be damaged due to poor weather as their focus is keeping the customer happy. 



E-Sign is one of the newer distributors of digital signs on this list. Though they have only been around for a year, this company still offers the best quality digital signs that you can currently access.  

With 4k displays, you are guaranteed to experience high-quality pictures and fluid movement on the screens. What this company is proud of is the waterproofing technology that they have worked on extensively to ensure that their product cannot be harmed by any weather factors, which means that you can use the digital signs both outdoors and indoors without any worries. 

Barbara Jones is a technology savy journalist. She loves to cover gaming, gadgets, AI and financial technology. Prior to becoming a journalist, Barbara was an IT professional.