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How Does 4g Actually Work and Why 5g is Stronger

For the past few years, there has been some controversy associated with the introduction of 4g and 4g. Many people believe that the introduction of the two may lead to environmental catastrophe whereas many others simply do not understand what either really is and how they work. We were first introduced to the two before […]

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The 8 Best Server Hosting Companies Out There

Server hosting is a platform that provides IT, users, with remote access to server resources that consist of CPU, Memory, Disk, etc; in order to power applications and store data without the fuss and hassle of buying and setting up, and maintaining server hardware physically themselves. This gives people the opportunity to improve server resources […]

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How does AI in Games Actually Work? 

Most people probably imagine that the majority of games released in the last couple of years have highly sophisticated A.I. for any non-player-controlled characters, creatures, or animals (often referred to as bots in this article). However, many video game developers are hesitant to build advanced A.I. into their games in fear of losing control of the overall player experience. […]

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7 Car Gadgets That Will Improve your Driving Experience

These days, almost every car from budget vehicles to luxury estates come with dozens of extra features to help make your driving experience more enjoyable and efficient. But not every car is going to come with everything you want, and you aren’t always going to know what options there are for the driver looking to […]

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Internet Basics: What is the Cloud and How Can It Help

Whether you’re wanting to improve your business or are just wanting to keep all of your precious photos safe and sound, an absolutely excellent way to keep your computer-related documents, videos, photos, or otherwise storable online items protected and secured is by backing them up. And where might I back these things up, I hear […]